Renumber room

Trying to figure out a way to renumber rooms with dynomao since I have aprox 100 rooms to renumber where I need to remove the 3 first digits, ex 22-155 should be 155.

So far the “watch” shows correctly but how do I finish it to get it in to revit?


You need to write it back to the room parameter. Element.SetParameterByName does exactly that.

Hi Nick, Thanks for your quick reply.
I´ve tried to connect it but still doesn’t work. How should it be connected? :slight_smile :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

How did you connect it? The inputs tell you what you should be looking for: the element(s), the parameter name(s), and the value(s).

Aha. well I have now tried many different options but the image shows what I think would be logic… But apparently not… :slight_smile:

And what does the error say? Something about that parameter not existing? The parameterName needs to be the name of the parameter you’re writing to ("Room Number"). You’re providing the room number value.

It says operation failed and " no parameter found by that name"

@jkab.mge please add the parameter name as second input as in your case you connected previous values whereas it should be the name of parameter as a string

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