Write Data to SharePoint Excel

Hi All,

i am trying/testing to write some data from my project to an online excel , which is on my SharePoint . I know the Dynaweb package helps in such cases, Could anyone assist me in understanding the Web request, response, execute, helpers etc terminology . what the workflow should be & any process that i need to follow even to write some basic stuff to an online excel. Any guidance/support is appreciated.Thank you


I dont think the package can do what you want(send data to a online excel sheet…i may be wrong) but here is some examples/information about the package.

Let’s try and keep things together here - it’s a big forum but it’ll be even bigger if there are multiple topics about the same thing. While this one is for a different data type, the ‘solution’ you both need is likely the same, or so close that it effectively is the same:


Hi Jacob,
yes the idea is to track the usage of dynamo scripts through an excel data base. we are already using a tracker to populate usage data into our local servers/drives for many of our projects . However for US projects they do not have drives mapped & have instead asked for share point based tracking.

we used the python nodes from Binocular BIM -London hackathon, to write the usage data to excel. we were wondering if we could adapt / modify it for share point instead of going for perhaps dynaweb package. Link to the page is given below

Dynamo Tracker
Thanks again