BIM Track + Dynamo

Hi Dynamoers,

I have been playing quite a bit with the BIM Track Api lately to get some analytics in PowerBI.

I figured I would also use BIM Track data to populate either a dashboard in Revit or even send an email to my gran’ma’ with it.

Thanks to @Radu_Gidei 's Dynaweb, I easily sucessed.

Here are some proof of concepts based on @Radu_Gidei 's examples to connect to the BIM Track Api to dynamo and whatever your want.

Dsiclaimer: you might enjoy it!

  1. Connect to the API

A simple query to the API, let’s connect:

Adress: https://api/

Get your bearer token data here:

and then get your helmet and mash that up.

I did a longer iteration to get automatically all the projects issue count by status and by project.


The most obvious beauty is that it runs from the sandbox (without revit interaction)
We could push that on our opening page of revit. or send regular emails… a world of possibilities

BIM1_GetHubs_addToken.dyn (32.3 KB)

Merry Christmas time ;o


anyone interested in this:

To complete that share and spare you some energy, here is the process to create an issue, the minimum input is the title, but you can get your way to a more complex process and create viewpoints, attach documents, …

I suggest you go to and take a look at the POST issue options

PostIssues.dyn (45.5 KB)



Is it possible to force Dynamo to publlish 2D sheets in this way?


Watch out for the sheet location as per the attached json file you need to provide.

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Is it possible to control how the sheets are created and which revisions they over-write?

Currently, we have an error with BIM Track automatic publishing.

The electrical engineer and the arch have the same sheet ids.

The result is that when the electrical engineer publishes sheets they over-ride the arch sheets.

Can I force BIM Track to ignore revisions, delete old sheets, and make new sheets irrespective of ids?

You should contact support from bimtrack to get help. The dynamo forum is not the right place