Read and Write Data from Revit to Sharepoint location

Curious if anyone has looked into this or attempted (and with what success)

As we move more and more to cloud-based data storage it came up in a discussion of how to push Revit data to a SharePoint folder location. Initially what we are looking at was pushing room and area data to a JSON file hosted on Sharepoint that can be widely accessed. (This could really be any format)

One solution we looked at was syncing a folder on SharePoint with a local folder on the uses drive. The trouble we ran into was it requires that drive to be synced initially and the path is different for each user. So unless we could rely on the user manually inputting/selecting the correct path it becomes very hard to control and standardize. (Standardizing is the goal)

Ideally one could set up a Dynamo Node that read the Project Number from the Revit model and found the Corresponding Sharepoint site based on that number. Our Project numbers are rarely missed in the Model files and are consistent across other platforms.

Pretty early digging into this so am hopeful this might spark a discussion

Alternatively, I will look at Speckle and see if that is a more robust and standardizable method for writing project data to a cloud-based location.

Probably doable with DynaWeb (from @Radu_Gidei) and the RESTapi from share point.