BIMxHTML & DynaWeb Packages

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I have recently found and installed BIMxHTML & DynaWeb packages from Dynamo Online Package search since I am going to send Revit data to a Web by Dynamo. I want to design a webpage and send data from my Revit model to it by Dynamo. I do not know whether these packages will help or not. I couldn’t find any sample or tutorial about these packages. Can anybody help me? Thank u so much in advance.


Radu Gidei is your man for Dynaweb


Hi @Radu_Gidei

@Renzoj14 introduced you to me regarding DynaWeb package. I am going to send my Revit data (Material specifications such as type, name, quantities, cut length, etc.) to internet by Dynamo. I want to design a webpage and send data from my Revit model to it by Dynamo. I do not know whether this package will help me or not. I couldn’t find any sample or tutorial about these packages. Could you please help me? Thank u so much in advance.

Thanks bro

Hey @MOJTABA256, DynaWeb will certainly help you send Revit/Dynamo data to the web, it was designed especially for this use-case.

For tutorials, please see the GitHub page here :

Also note the Dynamo package itself ships with 8 tutorial DYN files, they’re located in the extra folder of the package.

Let me know how it goes.

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Thank u so much dear @Radu_Gidei. I checked but it says dynaweb doesn’t have any public repositories yet. Could u please tell me what I should do to see the tutorials? Thanx

@Radu_Gidei your repo is private… :frowning:

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Thanks Peter. I just want to know how I can download the Dyn file from this link. When I clicked on your link, I saw there are some dyn samples but I cannot download them as shon in the attached image. Is there any way to download and check them? Thanks a lot.

Also about package BIMxHTML

I used one of its samples to create a table of Material from my Revit model in HTML format as shown in the below image. May anybody tell me please that how I can use it? Can I use it in the cloud and share it between different members? Can it be linked with Revit model in real time as If some changes happen in Revit, the list created is updated automatically? If yes, could you please explain me how to do them? Thank you so much in advance

@MOJTABA256 it is not my package just found the correct link.
download works like always on git

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Sorry chaps, I mis-typed the url, forgot my account name in front , it’s as per Peter’s post :

Thanks @Peter_Kompolschek for the assistance, I’m on holiday with little internet access so hard to log on.

@MOJTABA256 DynaWeb will help you post to a web service or upload a file. This means that it needs something pre-existing to connect to on the web side.
If all you want is to display a table with data from Revit on a webpage, I suggest you look into , they have a Dynamo package and a dashboard app on the web side, making it the easiest also takes care of the automatic updates, which are otherwise rather tricky to set up.

If not, you’ll have to delve into creating a web service/site and that’s slightly outside the scope of what we can help with here.

Thanks you so much Peter.

Thank you so much @Radu_Gidei

Actually my final purpose is not only to display a table of material data from Revit. I am going to design my own Web to use it for Material Purchase order. For creating and issuing Purchase Order, different types of data such as Materials data from the BIM model, Scheduling Data, Inventory data, etc are needed to be integrated and linked. Could you please tell me whether this package (DynaWeb) can help me to create such website. My main purpose is to improve the communication between the manufacturer and suppliers. If this package can help me, it will be great. If not, what is the best way I can do in your opinion. Your guidance will help me a lot to find my way. Thank you so much for your time and helps dear @Radu_Gidei


hi, i have been playing around.
following question:
how do i implement that request in dynaweb (json.PNG).
i always receive empty answers from that definition dynamo.png

what am i missing??

Hi @MOJTABA256, DynaWeb can help you send the data from Revit to your website & that’s it - what happens after the data (request) is sent is outside of DynaWeb’s control, so you will have to make your own website or service that accepts those incoming requests. I suggest looking at web development & REST API courses on or, but either way, Dynamo won’t help you build that website.
Best of luck and let us know if you have trouble with DynaWeb once you have the website running.

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Hi @Peter_Kompolschek,

I think what you’re doing wrong in that definition is you’re using the WebRequest.AddJsonBody node - which wants a valid .NET or Dynamo object as input and serialises it to JSON before adding to the body. What you’re giving it is already serialised as JSON, so try to use the simple AddBody node instead.

Also, it looks like you’re developing the service accepting the request yourself - any error codes returned by that service would surely help us troubleshoot further.

Thank you so much @Radu_Gidei for your response

So, you mean that after the Revit Data is sent to a predefined website, if our Revit model changes, the data in the website will not be updated through Dynamo? Is it only used for one round? Thanks

If the Revit model changes, you can always use DynaWeb to send the data again - it won’t be automatic & realtime however, meaning you’ll have to manually click run in Dynamo (or Dynamo player) for the data to be sent to the web again.

If you’re looking for something that does things more automatic, as your model changes, you’ll either have to create a custom add-in that uses the Idling events in the Revit API, or use something like as per my previous suggestion.

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