How to access an online Excel file

hello all, so it appears that our company excel based file on Sharepoint that has all of our info in it that I need to harvest has been moved to an online version. Which honestly makes sense because they were sending us like 2 new versions a month, and this way they can just keep it updated 100% of the time. However, disappointingly I dont think dynamo can access online files, can it? I mean wouldnt it make sense if it could? I mean think how powerful dynamo could be if we could point it at the WWW. Is dynamo going to get there someday? Do any of you coding geniuses have any tricks up your sleeves for this purpose? Or can you at least point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!

Check out the web request node. :wink:

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This doesnt seem to work

Could it be that your web-service (sharepoint) does not allow “random” programs such as Dynamo direct access?

Probably, knowing out IT department. But I thought I would just check to see that I wasnt doing something wrong. lol

The web request will let you get openly available data off a site (ie:

If you have a login requirement (aka you need to put in a username and password) you can look into the DynaWeb package.

Likely you will need to work with your IT department to see exactly how to access the data and work within th security protocol that is in place.

Alternatively, you could look at mirroring this to your local system.


Hi JacobSmall,
I am sorry can you be a little more specific about

“Likely you will need to work with your IT department to see exactly how to access the data and work within th security protocol that is in place.”

and " mirroring this to your local system."

I am trying to do this today and I dont know what to ask my IT department for, and I dont know how to mirror this to my local system in real time.

Any advise you can give me, or point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

The ‘web hosted’ file will usually be behind some type of security protocol. The question is what is it and how do you provide the username and password in the right order. The intent of that statement was to ‘seek help outside the dynamo forums’ as it’s a bigger issue than ‘what node do I use.’ You basically need a ‘internet 101 course,’ something your IT professionals should already know or be able to provide. If you already know this, then the nudge towards Dynaweb should provide enough clarity.

Mirroring to your local system would be to look into onedrive or other source that saves the file to your C drive instead of online. I believe you can even insert ‘data from web’ on the data tab to use as a work-around (and perhaps keep the location of the web-page and login for access more secure should you have to share the dynamo file).