Workspace script working but custom node failing


I’ve developed a custom node called ‘Area.ImportInstance’ as part of the BVN package (0.1.10). But I’ve run into a strange problem. The original script works fine when in the workspace, placing important instances from areas as desired. However, when I package it up into a custom node, and use the custom node in the workspace it says that the important instances have been created, but they haven’t. I’ve used Ideate explorer to see if there are any important instances in the files, but nada.

Why would one work, and the other fail? Does it have something to do with transactions? I tried end transaction but got the same problem. Any ideas?



I have had this happen to me for the last few months but thought I was just creating custom nodes that were too complex. I can confirm that by copy / pasting the content of the custom node into the home workspace it works. This is especially evident when run is set to “Automatic.”

If you close down Dynamo and Revit and restart I think the custom node will work. Maybe a bug with the 0.8 upgrade?

Hi Paul, could you share a picture of the input nodes inside the custom node?

Hi Dimitar

See below. Its nothing difficult and it should work. Any help much appreciated.



I thought you were using some default inputs that were interfering. Everything looks normal, not sure what else could be interfering. Have you by any chance enabled any lacing for the custom node inside the main graph?

No. I’ve done nothing different. Works expanded but not in the custom node. I can’t work it out.



I’m out of ideas. Do you mind sharing the node?

Hi Dimitar

Its on the package manager under BVN. Thanks for your help.

I have not been able to look at your custom node yet, but, I first suspect transactions!

Are you mapping or replicating this custom node over a list ? Do you put every import instance creation into a separate transaction or one large transaction (this would mean, placing tranaction.end at the end of your custom node. If when creating import instances you need some other behavior for transactions you might need to transact every time one is created perhaps?


Hi Paul, I had a quick glance yesterday and I suspect that the culprit is the “Convert Between Units” node. It seems like it’s not working properly inside the custom node environment. Could you test your node without it? Also the import instance was a bit inconsistent(i got the types but no instances) prior to me adding the instances as an output.


Another possible point of failure is the fact that if you have modeled an area on the top storey and you don’t have any more levels above, you get null values. Maybe you could add an if statement that circumvents that?

Hi Dimitar

Thanks for your help! The Convert Between Units was working OK for me. I did as you suggested and make an output for the instances. It is working now and I have updated it on the package manager.

I think the problem is that the rename object procedure doesn’t actually produce a result. If you try to select the CADLinkType nothing appears. As a workaround I’ve just extracted the renaming procedure so that it is outside of the custom node. There might be a way around this but I don’t know what it is.