Problem with node

I am having problems with a custom node. The logic works when used in a dynamo definition, but when I convert it into a node it works when I initially run it, but then stops working. I have no idea why. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong? I have inserted the test files I am using for your reference. Thanks!

Custom Node



Dyanmo Definition







Revit Layout









Room Test Project

Hello Rafael Alvarez,

Thank You for Reporting!

I have downloaded your files and noticed that I need one more CustomNode file which is missing, see attached image.



Problem with node

Thanks for the reply. That is the custom node “Match List With Key Values” available in the repository. I have attached it bellow for your reference.

Match List With Key Values

Hello Ritesh, have you discovered what the problem is?

I found that custom nodes are unstable when I have “Run Automatically” checked. I reworked the custom node and now it does what it needs to do as long as I don’t run it automatically. I tried playing with the transaction nodes but they did not seem to help, partly because I don’t know the best place to put them. Should they be in the custom node? Do I need one at every command that changes a Revit parameter, or a single one? Here is the definition for your reference.


Room Occupancy Test