Custom Nodes returning Null values

Everything went well until…
I wanted to clean up my work space from some math that was going on. So I copied and pasted a group of nodes and created a custom node. I made a list of inputs and outputs that would be necessary to once the custom node was placed onto the work space. All went well. The next day I wanted to do some more clean up in a different area by creating some custom nodes and … the previously created custom node is only returning Null values. What happened here. Attached is the custom node and the work space showing null values.

I thought I understood how custom nodes worked, but this has left me a little confused.

Edit the nodes and make sure nothing in them has gone pink. I’ve has experience with packages uninstalling automatically.

If you copy the nodes inside your custom node out to the main graph and plug it all back in you should be able to see what’s failing. Should give you a clue on how to fix it.