Workset Creator using Excel, + user option for different Excel sheets

Hi Everyone,

I know there are a number of posts regarding using a Excel spreadsheet to create Worksets.
Basic functionality is working based on the videos and other dynamo posts which are great.

I would like to “elevate” the script by giving users more flexibility depending on project requirements.
Sheet 1 = Single Residential containing worksets typically applicable to a house.
Sheet2 = Large scale project with multiple links containing worksets typically applicable to large project.

I would greatly appreciate some assistance.

@Ensilnj ,

thats fancy stuff… you can try an integerslider instead :wink:



If you really want a drop-down menu you would have to create an interface through Data-Shapes.

Hi @Ensilnj and welcome! :slight_smile:
You mean something like this?

Forum datashapes.dyn (34.2 KB)

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Like this?

archi-lab has that package.


its not working in the player, that would cool!

ya… might be @Konrad_K_Sobon will add in his next release.

Thanks guys, yes you have nailed it.I will give it try my side and let you know if i am still stuck. Appreciate your time and willingness to help!

Side note, I know a drop-down is “fancy” but learnt writing a Dynamo script is only half the job, convincing users to use it is something else :wink:

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@Ensilnj ,

when you convincing and learning at the same time than you have a challange :wink:

I like the the romantic ducktape mentality in the forum, but at least it is unprofessionel. I hope the supportlevel will increase particulary handling Revit API and programming regarding “usecases” in the field.