Selecting Excel Worksheet to use in Dynamo Player

Hey this is my first time joining Dynamo Forum loving all the content and knowledge abroad this forum.

I been searching high and low to find a way to select a worksheet from excel in dynamo as a user input for dynamo player. Has others come across needing this functionality? Essentially I want to be able to deploy to my team 1 single excel book with worksheets of data they can pull from without the need to type the worksheet name each time before inserting into Revit.

I installed the Bumblebee package to use the “get worksheet name” I’d like to use this have a node after that can be a user input in dynamo player. Another words to select from a list of worksheets I’ve created before proceeding to the next functions creating Revit content sheets/views etc.

I’m just in the beginning stage I’d like to start a conversation around this because I’m sure there are others looking for the same solution.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Hi @aelt6957 try datashapes then you can make dropdown or list view boxes…and welcome to the forum :wink:

Dynamo Player has limitations on custom inputs. The only core node for custom inputs requires you to define the values in the node, so it can’t be done on the fly.

If you want flexibility and to have your values defined on run, then you need to use a custom UI. Data-Shapes is the go-to package for custom inputs and dynamic UIs. Download it and give it a try. You can get the worksheet names from the workbook and then create a custom selection from Data-Shapes.


Figure it wouldn’t be an easy button, however using the Data-Shape you and Sovitek suggested got me to the list selection perfectly showing all my worksheets I can pick from. Thank you!!
However once you activate the dynamo through the player and select the sheet it doesn’t reset to be able to run it again and select the next sheet. Is that what I’m supposed to see happen it’s a 1 time select and have to go into dynamo and reset it?

Executing the graph again through Dynamo Player should prompt a new selection of worksheets. How are you running the graph a second time and what happens when you do?

Gotcha, let me save close everything reopen might be my end since I’ve been messing around with the script a bit. See if it fixes the issue.

For your question, the second time I run it is similar to the first round I just run the player once until the first round has completed populating Revit. Once verified I rerun it again the selection input form part does not pop up for me. It’s the Reason I had to put the Boolean as a Input to run as false run it again to error out than set to true and it’ll reset to have the selection dialogue the second round pop up for me.

I took a closer look at your screenshot and one issue (don’t know if it’s related or not) is your list structure for the inputs. Your keys and values are both lists of lists but also have different structures. Flatten the list of worksheet names and use that list for both keys and values.

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Ha, Amazing… I did both flatten and kept the same above worked both ways… You guys are amazing. I just need to shut everything start fresh with the current dynamo above or flatten. Works like a charm and does exactly what I’m after.

@Nick_Boyts @sovitek Thank you both for suggesting Data-Shapes Much appreciated.