Workflow in changing family types

Hello! I am quite new to Revit and Dynamo but i am trying to learn it especially in relation with Grasshopper.

I have a project with a facade where some of the brick length are driven by the image sampler in Grasshopper. I divided the facade in vertical panels and you can see one of them from the Rhino viewport. In total there are 64 panel types where location of the bricks is the same but the extrusion pattern is changing. I am trying to understand how i would do this facade in Revit and Dynamo using type and instance parameters.

The hierarchy of the family:

1 - A child family of a single brick with the extrusion length set as a instance parameter.

2 - A parent family where i can have many different instances of the child brick-family with different extrusion lengths. Here i set a type parameter associated with the instance parameter of the child. For each version of extrusion pattern i can create a different type. Then i load the parent family in the project file and distribute them along a facade. Just by changing the type of each instance i can create different patterns along the facade.

I have a few questions: 1 - Is there a way to get all the types of a loadable family that exist in the document, as a list, no matter if has any instances yet or not?

2 - If i have for example 100 instances of bricks with different lengths is it enough if i associate for each one the length parameter with a single type parameter of the parent?

I am trying to understand the hierachy of nested families in Revit and how i can control the parameters in the project environment with Dynamo. Ideally, in the massing environment of the parent family i would like to control the instance parameter of the child brick with a connection from grasshopper to dynamo (getting values from the image sampler) , then save these configurations as types, In the project environmenti would like to control the type distribution with dynamo and clockwork plugin. (see atached picture)


Q2 : If you have 100 different length , your parent family need the same 100 type parameter for store the <span style=“font-weight: 300;”>pattern of each type.</span> after that you can use dynamo change or control the type parameter of the parent family.


Q1 : 11-19-2015 3-53-34 PM

Thanks! I just realized that i do need the same number of parameters in the parent family.

I also discovered that in the project environment i can actually manipulate both the types of each instance as well as the parameters of each type (Length 1, Length 2, Length 3). So i can explore the patterns directly here. Thats really great. I guess that hard part comes in manipulating the lists and assigning specific values from grasshopper to the corresponding bricks instances in Revit. For example brick A in GS has value X. I need to keep the same distribution…

Will Dynamo have an image sampler in the future?

Regarding the image sampler, check out these recent discussions (there are more)…



I think the Image loader is quite raw at this point. It would be great if it had more options like the one in GS. But maybe someone will further develop it in a package.

A graph mapper would also be good