Wire length calculator


is there a possibility to anyhow measure electrical wire lengths from one object to another rather than measuring them by hand object by object? Yes, it can be done by connecting the electrical objects with panel and then get the path length with Edit path method. But editing the path so that it looks correct takes much longer time than doing it myself with Measure tool.

Hi Tecker,
Have you tried Element.Geometry or any geometry querying node? Please show what you have accomplished already in Dynamo and attach a sample Revit file too.


If the angle of the wire, and thereby in extension the distance of the wire, is always 90 degrees, couldn’t you just simply get the X,Y,Z-location of each object, measure the distance by just doing a simple
| A - B |; operation for each distance and just add that all together?

  1. Vector.ByStartPointEndPoint
  2. Vector.X + Vector.Y
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Do you mean using XYZ Coordinates addon that is available in autodesk app store? - XYZ Coordinates | Revit | Autodesk App Store

@oliwerkulpa I have not achieved anything in Dynamo, I have no idea where to start
@JacobSmall As I am new to Dynamo, just starting to explore, it does not say anything to me yet

@Tecker I’m afraid we are all referring to specific Dynamo nodes :frowning: Having that said you should head (if you haven’t already) to some of the links below, to get you going:

Not to mention other fantastic threads on this forum. Once you are comfortable with Dynamo window, you should:

  1. Select element from Revit to Dynamo
  2. Obtain its location
  3. Process location to obtain vectors and then their X and Y as @JacobSmall mentioned

You can do it, give it some time. Cheers!

So this is what I would like to achieve:

So that every wire length is separately added to its object. Also, as the wires run over the ceiling (at height 2700 mm usually) - this would be the separate Z coordinate that could be adjusted if needed, right? Also this height must be a height from the floor level, not from the coordinate zero level (1st Floor, 2nd Floor etc). So you say it can be done? Maybe it is possible to automate it so that the wire length attaches directly to object parameter so that I do not need to insert it manually?

I don’t know. Maybe all of this is too much wanted?

That is a lot, but still doable for a single wire as you’ve shown. I’d try some room analysis as well or some node returning closest level below selected element.

Try with vectors, as mentioned previously. Then add height considerations to the working solution.

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