Windows placed in rooms - inward/ outward orientation problem

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to get my list of windows by rooms (or vice versa), in order to eventually get openable areas.
The problem is, that nodes such as “Elements in Room” or “FamilyInstance.Room” would only recognize windows placed in rooms, if they are facing inward.
Thus, all my windows have to be reversed, with sills facing in the wrong direction, shaders on the inner side etc.
Is there anything I can possibly do to allocate windows in rooms without turning them inwards?

My half baked graph printscreen!

Thanks a lot!

You can create some sort of “virtual sensor” in Dynamo to check for the Rooms.

Imagine this.

You have a window in an exterior Wall. You take the Geometry of the Window and take its “Front” plane.
From the you take the Normal of that plane and place a Vector on it.
Check if the Vector intersects the Room and find the Room number from there.
If no Room shows up, reverse the Vector

May be tedious but would using Room Calculation Point in the Window family settings work? Open up the window in family editor and in the properties should be the Room Calculation Point which you can enable and set. I haven’t tested it with Dynamo but I would imagine it could work.

Try it out with one window and see if it works.

If a window is flipped, the ToRoom and FromRoom parameters do not update.
I don’t know if this has been adressed yet.

Thanks guys,
I did try the From/To room thing, but it’s not a parameter you can get or set.
Now I’ll try the “sensor” method and see if it works.

If you can get it in a schedule (From/To) which is standard, i bet you can get it in Dynamo

No doubt the data is there, I’m not sure how to extract it though.
Gotta research into this further.

Use Element.Parameters to see where it is.

Take a peek under the hood of room.doors & door.rooms in the clockwork package. I would imagine the logic is very similar for windows.

EDIT: I’m obvious. Clockwork has nodes already made for windows. & window.rooms

Allright, the window.rooms returns a from/to room value, but wouldn’t tell which room. Trying to figure it out now.

Unfortunately, the from/to room is neither an instance nor a type parameter.
However, I just had a breakthrough with a clockwork node, that returns a value on this, but would’t tell from/to which room.
Still, it’s a progress.

OK, I think I just got the room with a watch node :slight_smile:
I tell if I nail it.

OK, problem solved!
The graph is running just like a song, and the clockwork node was the key to success.

Unfortunately, being a new user, I can’t upload the dyn file, but here’s a piece of the graph with the window/room association.

Thanks everyone :muscle: