Gathering windows from each room

Hi everyone.
First of all I want to say thank you if you’re reading this and trying to help me.
I’ve decide to pen a new topic because I’ve tried all your possible solutions but they don’t work completely well in my case.
I need to gather all windows from each room preserving the list structure in order to maintain the order of each room in the list and then edit a parameter in Revit.
My problem is that each window that I find doesn’t correspond to its room and the result is a mess.
I attached the routine.
WindowInRoom - parameter.dyn (32.9 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Do your window Families have the Room Calculation Point Parameter ticked?

Hi bvs1982.
Yes, all family types have ticked the room calculation point.
Instances are detected by the routine, the problem appears when their information has to match with the pertinent room in the list.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Did you also had a look at this post? Don’t know if Doors can be replaced by Windows in that post.

Hi @bvs1982 … here is a way without calculation point, know this exemple is on a link with spaces…but should be almost the same for rooms…

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If you use the Room.Boundaries node it lists the Walls around your room
If you use the Element.Insterts node you can get the Windows place inside those Walls
Both Clockwork nodes i think.