Vector intersects Room

Dear Dynamo Users,
There should be an easy way to detect whether a window is facing inwards (towards the room) and must be flipped. My idea so far is to extract the orientation vector of the window (FamilyInstance.FacingOrientation) which always faces towards the exterior. If that vector intersects with the Room then it should be flipped. But I cannot find any Vector Intersects Room node

You will most likey need to use the Element.Geometry node or something similar to get the geometry of the room to do the intersection with. Or you could use a point at the end of a line and check Point.IsInRoom.

Alternatively, you could check the windows FromRoom property. If it returns null, it means you need to flip it. I think both Clockwork and archi-lab has nodes for this.

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Or check the facing orientation of the window relative to the host wall’s orientation.