Window-corner and Wall-Insulation wrapping detail

Task :
There is a residential project with hundreds of windows. Each window has an insulation wrapping problem around both vertical sides. ( Please see the picture )

The insulation should wrap around the corner and hit the window, but our model has insulation and Wall as separate elements due to some calculation issues. So its not wrapping automatically. there is a gap of 8 cm on both sides of window, extending vertically upwards till top.

I tried to add separarte pieces of Insualtion wall as fillers, but it would take a lot of time to do that manually. Is there a way to add this pieces to all windows at once. We have around 5-6 window families. Or is there a way that I can add a pieces of Lines and convert them to walls ?

I can tweak some dynamo-python nodes here and there, I have a basic understanding.

This is the closest help I could find, but it is not resolving my issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Gelöst: Insulation-Wall Detail to Window - Autodesk Community - Revit Products
window wall wrapping 2|564x500

Have you set a reference plane in your window family to define the wall closure?
This is a property of reference planes in window and door families. It controls how materials in a wall wrap.
If you haven’t done that - that is your route - so check the Revit help file on the subject.

If that isn’t the issue (but I think it is), I’d build the extra components into the window family. It’s a work around - but it would get the job done with no Dynamo foolishness.

I checked the window family. It is a nested family and quite complex. There are around 4 horizontal reference planes. The family was constructed by someone before.

Just to make it clear, the corners are wrapping( see image ), what I need it that the corners extends into the Concrete wall. like an L shape. ( extends inside concrete wall )

I am going with your second option of adding a component in the window family. It looks like wall from my project file cannot be export as separate family. I wanted to nest a piece of wall in the window family as a workaround. ( at least that is what I have understood from your comment )

The “wall” will be part of the window. It can look graphically correct, but it will be categorized as a window. You can add an object subcategory to your window family to control the laceweight of this object separately from the rest of the window.

Hey, I am half way through. I added a piece of extrusion and set its cross-section material as wall. ( I wasnt able to import the same wall in there but it look okay in plans )

I have two more issues untill it looks a part of plan.

  1. I am still seeing the wall boundary lines, I want to hide them. I am looking into adding a subcatergory of family, still not luck. the edges are still visible. I wish to see the added portion fluched with reset of the wall, no lines in 3d or plan

  2. Second, I have to set gypsum and insulation material manually of each type. I was hoping if I can pre-select there two material for all types of this window family. Or is there a way to select all family types at once. ( not right click select, it does only types )

update. I added materials through Transfer standards