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At the office we use the “Tools-4-BIM” plugin from Ittanex. The most used function is “Add window to curtain wall”. This function places wall-based windows at the same place as curtain walls, with the same base offset, unconnected height and length of the curtain wall.

I looked for a dynamo script to replace this function, but without succes. Doe anyone know if there is a script like this?

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Can you share a sample Revit file for us? This would definitely speed up your chances of getting an answer.

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. I’m not allowed to upload, since I am a new user.

Actually the model I would like to upload is pretty simple. It contains a wall, a few standaard curtain walls which are placed over the wall and a window family, which in this case only contains a opening cut to cut out the wall with the same dimensioning as the curtain wall. (The window family we use at work is al lot more complex, but for the script it doesn’t matter).
What the plugin does is automatically place the selected window family in the wall at the same place as the pre-selected curtain walls.

Google drive, dropbox, we transfer, bluebeam, etc…

The reason I bring this up is, it is way easier to just jump right in and start building the Dynamo workflow. What you are proposing now is for the person helping to not just explore the Dynamo file, but modeling in the way you have described as well.

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This should get you started,

and the dynamo graph
Add window to curtain wall.DYN (27.3 KB)


FamilyInstance.SetType could also give some results here :smirk:

Hi John,

I wasn’t able to look at it till today. The image above looks great, just what i am looking for. I tried to run it but it doesn’t work. The "“List.AnyTrue” and “Springs.HostedInstance.ByPoints” are not loaded. Can you tell me which package I need for this? I’m a bit new with Dynamo, sorry for asking… :expressionless:

Edit: Already found it!
I’m going to test it…


Clockwork and spring nodes

Thanx for your reply. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this node replaces the family. I want to add a window family, plced at the same place as the curtain wall.

In this case it’s best to follow what John sent

Hi John,

I’ve looked at the workflow. It is not exactly what I am looking for. It does place the window family at the same place as the curtain wall, that’s great! In my previous file the window Width and Height were Type parameters. That was my mistake, it should be instance parameters. I’m looking for a workflow that places the window family on alle the curtain wall’s (like your workflow). For each placed curtain wall it has to look at the Width, Height and Sill Height/ Base offset and use that information for the placement and dimensioning of the window family.

In the Link below I replaced the window family. I Hope you can help me with this…

The previous workflow I provided definitely has the framework to modify accordingly.

I would say to dissect it and see where you can get following through the steps. (I think this is a great example regarding my previous comment about sample files.) :slightly_smiling_face: