Reverse changes Dynamo


I’m pretty new to this stuff and I was wondering about the following:

I have an element in Revit which I can change in Dynamo using parametric dimensions. I have done this and it works fine. But I am wondering; if I would make changes to the dimensions of the element in Revit, can the values of the dimensions change along with it in Dynamo? I have not been able to find an answer about this on the internet. I would like to make changes from Dynamo > Revit, but also from Revit > Dynamo.

This would be useful as it would make me able to export these changes to Excel whether I am working in my Revit model or making small changes in Dynamo.

Hope you can help me out here.

This is pretty vague but:
SetParameter will set a value to a parameter in Dynamo
GetParameter will read a value from Revit

Hopefully this help

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I agree with @Daniel_Hurtubise ,

Could you maybe share some graph’s/ screenshots of what you have and what you want?

The only reason you’d want to have a change in Revit make its way into Dynamo is if Dynamo is depending on it somehow, so for example is it driving a formula embedded in the script. Sort of like changing input geometry in Rhino when using Grasshopper I guess?

Dynamo is more of a process driven (left to right) environment, so I’d think in this case what you seem to be after either isn’t possible or wont give much value to your process.