How to change the value in Dynamo with Revit.

Hello everyone !!
I do not know how to do that when I change a value in Revit, Dynamo also changes the value.
For example, here I am trying to try in vain. I want when I change the Visibility value in Revit, the Dynamo also changes a value of 0 or 1.
I am from Vietnam and new forum, is looking forward to get acquainted with you and look forward to receiving your help.
Again I thank you.

One of the downsides of Dynamo is that once it has loaded obects and their data in, it won’t reload until it gets a different type of input (so in this case you’d need to change up the family type you’re sending in). Quite an annoyance and for this case I wouldn’t really know how to create a work-around.

with dynamo in automatic doesnt work?

It wouldn’t.
Dynamo doesn’t know when you change something (relevant) in Revit so it wouldn’t know when to reload the element.

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You value (0 or 1) represent family parameter value in your graph?

I thought that if you try with getParameterValueByName Node, it should work, but doesnt work. I didnt know that.

Only certain nodes are watching the document, not too many of them or it would very easy to create infinite loops. Selection nodes should though.