How to change the value in Dynamo with Revit.



Hello everyone !!
I do not know how to do that when I change a value in Revit, Dynamo also changes the value.
For example, here I am trying to try in vain. I want when I change the Visibility value in Revit, the Dynamo also changes a value of 0 or 1.
I am from Vietnam and new forum, is looking forward to get acquainted with you and look forward to receiving your help.
Again I thank you.


One of the downsides of Dynamo is that once it has loaded obects and their data in, it won’t reload until it gets a different type of input (so in this case you’d need to change up the family type you’re sending in). Quite an annoyance and for this case I wouldn’t really know how to create a work-around.


with dynamo in automatic doesnt work?


It wouldn’t.
Dynamo doesn’t know when you change something (relevant) in Revit so it wouldn’t know when to reload the element.


You value (0 or 1) represent family parameter value in your graph?


I thought that if you try with getParameterValueByName Node, it should work, but doesnt work. I didnt know that.


Only certain nodes are watching the document, not too many of them or it would very easy to create infinite loops. Selection nodes should though.