Why in node number 0..0..0 is not considered as number only in my Dynamo Revit 2022?

Why is not considered the 0…0…0 in node number as a number only in my Dynamo Revit 2022?
It accepts a number like 10 while for several points doesn’t read for example 0…10…2.

I think it’s only 2 periods between values.

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Thank you sean,
I mean with two period doesn’t work as well it says it’s not numeric.

Could you share at least an image of the graph with the error.message above the node having issues?

You can’t have a step of 0 in a range. That’s essentially dividing by 0.

Thank you for your fast res[pond please, Please find the attached image.
A code block node can do it.


You need to have that in a code block, not a number node.

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number nodes supported range syntax before code blocks existed, this functionality was removed in 2.x I believe.