Number node-error

I am new to Dynamo and are watching the learing films. I have just watched:

At 1:45 he inserts a number node and a watch node, and he types 0…10 in the number node. When I do this the node turn red an gives me the error: The input must be numeric.

I hope somebody can explain and help me to get to the bottom of this.

If you double click on the canvas you get a code block.
Type 1…10 in it and connect to a watch node.
The films are almost all created in Dynamo 1.x, i think you must be on a 2.x version.

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Hi. I did not quite get that… I double click on the canvas(the frame of the number node), but then i get a option to edit the node name. You are right about the version, I am running 2.x

The canvas is everything outside the node (white background)

Ok, got it. Thank you!