Number Input Node Does Not Support Range and Sequence syntax in Dynamo 2.0

I was wondering why this input .. in the Number node doesn’t work in Dynamo 2.0.0

Use a code block. :slight_smile: I noticed that in the tutorial videos as well. They will be updated very soon.


Thanks for your response

@era102895 As of Dynamo 2.0, we will no longer be supporting range syntax in the number node. As @john_pierson mentioned, please use a code block.


Consider the fact that unlike code blocks, the number node can be a player/fractal input and used to support both range and sequence syntaxes at the same time. How should people that require both functionality (however a small a minority they may be) avoid this regression?

Ideally this should have been clearly highlighted in the release notes along with examples on how to mitigate this new limitation…


Thanks for the feedback, @Dimitar_Venkov I have updated the release notes here:

This change happened a while back, but hasn’t made it into a release version until now:

This was done to simplify the number node for computation in our web environments. We also thought that users could simply use Code Blocks if they wanted to use the range syntax. Please note that graphs containing number nodes with range syntax will be automatically migrated to code block nodes in Dynamo 2.0:

In regards to player and fractal input, we suggest that customers use the range node instead for player/fractal inputs. The persona for player and fractal is one that is not familiar with visual scripting and/or the languages used inside of them. This persona likely does not know what range syntax is, so it is recommended that in order for an end user of Player or Fractal to play around with ranges that the computational designer creating the graph leverage separate number and number slider nodes connected to the Range or Sequence node.


@Racel Just getting Started with learning Dynamo and was very confused why the 3rd tutorial video focuses solely on something that is no longer available. Any chance the video’s can be updated to reflect the most recent releases?

Videos have been updated for 2.0. We are currently vetting them now. We should be putting them up in the near future. Look out for them soon.