Why does my Plane.ByOriginNormal seem to create a single plane

Im trying to place planes on points so that I can create squares on them by width and length. What im finding is that all the squares show up on one point in the corner as shown

Without seeing everything its a little hard to say why yours is not working. It seams to be working fine for me.

@jonny.pye please post your dyn and all files needed to reproduce.

Grill_Test.dyn (102.0 KB)
Just create a mass surface to and select element to test the file I have is to big. But you can see in the image that the rectangles just sit on one coordinate

Hi @jonny.pye,

The problem is caused by"not matching lists".
I just didn’t change the code when I made little touches.

Grill_Test.dyn (61.5 KB)

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