Could not create plane - desired axes are parallel

I am trying to create a vertical plane from a curve, by using plane.bythreepoints.

Somehow I get this error that I do not understand:
Could not create plane - desired axes are parallel

Please see the screenshots. I have no idea what is going wrong.

The curves are drawn on a horizontal workplane, so completely flat.

Any ideas for help please?

curves: (top view)

Can you expand the previews for the nodes and re-post another screen snip?

What you’ve already done should work…in any case I’ve tested this method and it works as well:

vertical plane.dyn (15.1 KB)

Edit: I think your error message implies that you’re taking a vertical curve, translating its endpoint, and then trying to create a plane from 3 points which exist on the same Z-axis.

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Thanks for your responses so far.

I have solved it, but I don’t completely understand why.

There is a difference if you send the translated startpoint as planePoint, or if you send the translated endpoint as planePoint.

I don’t understand why this matters. Do you?

It’s hard to tell what is exactly happening without knowing the Z coordinate of each of the points. 2/3 of your planes were successfully created, so it must be something specific to the last curve that is making the plane creation fail.