ReferencePlane.ByLine Method Error

Hello Everyone,

This is so strange … does anyone know why I am getting some errors creating these reference planes. I am reading 19 Lines and trying to convert them to Reference Planes. Some Reference Planes get created, but some 3-4 do not and has the value of null.

Thanks for sharing any thoughts. :pray:

@zakim Can you post the .dyn file?

Hello @Mepdot I did another quick test… I think the issue is with the direction of the detail lines that I am selecting in order to convert to Reference Planes. See capture and DYN file.
… thank you for looking into this issue.

ReferencePlanesTest.dyn (31.7 KB)

Hi All,
I was able to resolve the error. I had to filter out the list of lines that are at β€œ180” angular direction from the global vector orientation. This way, then I used the ReferencePlane.ByStartPointEndPoint. However, the star/end are flipped to create a reversed 180 degrees line.

See attached updated Dynamo script and capture.

ReferencePlanesTest.dyn (63.4 KB)