Why are Text Notes not reflecting Excel order?

I want to place text notes to match an Excel sheet. There are two columns: one for abbreviations, the other for full category names. The placement of the text notes is based on the start point of detail lines in the desired view. A weird thing happens at the bottom of both columns: After running the graph and placing the text notes in the view, what should be the top of the 2nd column (“Air Terminals”) is instead placed at the bottom of the 1st column. Also, the last category, “Wires”, is repeated until the 2nd column, which is now 2 items shorter than the 1st column, is as long as the 1st column. Why is this happening?
I have noticed some bugs when I run my graph, mainly that the text notes sometimes are placed according to a different detail line than the one I select. If I run the graph 4 or 5 times, though, the notes get placed where I expect them to.
Maybe I have some incorrect lacing or levels somewhere? I am still learning how to use them skilfully. I know my graph is larger than what it could be pared down to, but it’s what I understand currently.


Bottom of list of text notes:

Excel sheet bottom (unlike Revit placement of text notes, the bottoms of these columns align):

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You don’t have same amount of points and texts or you made a index mistake.

Thank you! You were correct about suggesting I check the quantity of points. I had added an extra point when I counted the quantity of items in each list by starting at zero rather than one. My mistake was thinking I needed a zero-based index when in this case I did not, but needed to begin my list with the value “1”. Graphic below.

Circled numbers don’t match due to my code block starting its count at 0 rather than 1.

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