Matching Views to Sheets for Placement

I’m reworking my template sheet organization and am trying to automate the placement of views on sheets. I have a graph that places them well enough, but if the views & sheets don’t correspond in ID numbers things get wonky, and I’m not sure how to fix the issue.

A101- Overall Dim Plan
A102- Overall Ref Plan
A103- Partial Dim Plan Area 1
A104- Partial Dim Plan Area 2
Overall Dim Plan
Overall Ref Plan
Partial Dim Plan Area 2
Partial Dim Plan Area 1

When sorting by element ID, the Area 1 & 2 views end up on the wrong sheets. Short of filtering only Area 1 views & sheets by level and going group by group, is there a smarter way to go about this?
The Graph:

The Sheet Browser:

Cheers! :beers:

Can you sort by the sheet name and sort by view name (each list separately).

use List.SortByKey (List is elements and key is the name).


That did the trick. Thanks! :beers: