Which DYNAMO core should stay and which should go away?

Seeing problem with Dynamo I decided to clear the installatsion package.
I am working only with Revit 2019 and 2018 thus I assume the old Dynamo are not needed anymore. I took a pic of the actual situations, do core 1.30 have to stay in order to let Dynamo 2.0 run or I can get rid of them?

1.3.3 and 2.0.2 both work with Revit 2018 and 2019. However you only have Dynamo for Revit 2.0.2, so likely ditch the 1.3 items but leave the 2.0.2 versions.

That is what I thought, but when I started to uninstall the 1.3 core, I had a warning screen about it - maybe just a flat windows warning kind of - that it may affect the workings of the overall program , and I stopped the uninstallation.