Where to start?


This is Nurdan Mikkelsen, i am a 2. year Architectural Technology student in Denmark, and we have tons of BIM classes, scheme, detail 1 and 2 classes. Unlike a real architect my education does not provide me with early design technics in such details, But i am so drawn to this computational integrative design technics, yet i would still like to finish my education. So how can i learn this by my own.

That being said<span style=“color: #292f33;”>, i wonder how a designer can learn coding that well such as a coder, because i am tryi</span><span style=“color: #292f33;”>ng tutorials but i do just same as the tutorial, i cannot do something different…I try to understand which numbers i should choose and where i connect the datas. But i cant create something of my own idea. </span>I also started to read and watch videos on learning phyton, i thought maybe it would help but it didnt yet.

Programming comes so unfamiliar and foreign. How to pass this stage. Please help…

P.S : We only use Revit for all drawings. We do not have dynamo classes at school.

Continue with the tutorials, continue to watch videos, continue to be confused, continue to design, continue to explore coding

You will eventually get to a stage when things will no longer seem too foreign.

Only after you understand the tool, you can begin to think in terms of using the tool to articulate your own ideas.

This might happen over a period of time or maybe, overnight :slight_smile:

I suppose, you just have to keep at it.

Wish you all the best.