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Dear BIM enthusiast,

I am posting this topic to ask a favor. I am the graduate student from Building Science program in University of Southern California (USC). I am doing the research with Karen Kensek, a professor in Architecture School of University of Southern California. The research is working on a presentation about BIM + visual programming (like Dynamo, Marionette, or others). We are supposed to find at least 100 interesting applications that show a wide range of uses from architecture, construction, MEP, engineering, documentation, design, etc.

If you have any examples that you would be willing to share with us, could you please email me at to say that you are interested in participating?

You don’t have to send anything now except send an email to me that you are willing to help us. It only takes a few seconds.

Think of it as a small measure of fame as we hope to use some of this work for both a presentation in Karen’s BIM class in USC and hopefully for a BIM conference in China. Of course, you, your firm, and the project will be cited!!

And you will be helping a student trying graduate this semester. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!
Chen Zhong

PS If you don’t have any examples, but know someone who might, could you please forward this email to him/her?

Hello, there could be some good tracks in this thread:

See also if you don’t know it already, it could be interesting for your topic:
And please let us know your results afterwards :slight_smile:

Hi Chen!

i’ve found extremely interesting this thesis done by @Thomas_Vogt, it’s a topic really similar to yours.
Check it out!


Thank you for providing those supportive information. If you are interested, please provide more information about your email, name, company, and website link. We want to build connection between university and industry.

All of the materials and scripts will be marked citation and require the permission from the author before it was been used in any paper or presentation. The final report will be shared with all of you in order to express our appreciation of your contribution!

My email is


Hi Mauro,

It is a very good thesis, thank you for providing those information!

Could you please email your connect method information to me? Such as full name, email address, company that you are working for, website you used to learn dynamo and etc… We want to build the connection between the university and industry, so we can benefit from each other.

Chen Zhong

Hi Chen Zhong,

I am wondering if you managed to complete this research and have an academic paper you could share?