AU2018 Advice - Computational BIM Workshop - Beginner or Developer?

I registered for AU2018
I am new to Dynamo - but over the last 2 -3 weeks have spent perhaps 20-30 hours between CADLearning course and on-line including a number of past AU Recordings. I have running on 30+ years of LISP experience and written some VBA programs, little .NET and no C++ experience.

I am now wondering if the Beginner workshop will be too basic for me?.. and if I should switch to the Developer Workshop?

Definitely a tough call to make!

The developer workshop is going to have a huge focus on View Extensions. I would suggest to review this resource and see if it is something you are interested in.

In regards to the beginner workshop, this is probably a good reference to establish expectation,


Ooh! I am registered for the Developer because the Beginner was full. I am on the waiting list for the beginner.
I went all the way through the Dynamo Extensions Workshop video you suggested. This looks beyond what I was wanting or needing.

I hope I snag the Beginner sessions… I can go loaded up with knowledge and hopefully fill in what I am missing.