Where to start?


This is Nurdan Mikkelsen, i am a 2. year Architectural Technology student in Denmark, and we have tons of BIM classes, scheme, detail 1 and 2 classes. Unlike a real architect my education does not provide me with early design technics in such details, But i am so drawn to this computational integrative design technics, yet i would still like to finish my education. So how can i learn this by my own.

That being said<span style=“color: #292f33;”>, i wonder how a designer can learn coding that well such as a coder, because i am tryi</span><span style=“color: #292f33;”>ng tutorials but i do just same as the tutorial, i cannot do something different…I try to understand which numbers i should choose and where i connect the datas. But i cant create something of my own idea. </span>I also started to read and watch videos on learning phyton, i thought maybe it would help but it didnt yet.

Programming comes so unfamiliar and foreign. How to pass this stage. Please help…