Dynamaps Package

I have a really annoying bug at the Dynamaps Package as each time i press the view tab and choose dynamaps to select the map i want it gives me an Invalid credentials error, so i would like someone to help me with that please!!

Thanks in advance!

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi any ideas?

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Hi @minatarek , what version of the package are you using?

I’m using dynamo 2.0.3 and i keep updating it every time i have a notification of an update
And the package is up to date.

I meant which version of the DynaMaps package, but it seems from your screenshot that it’s rather recent.
I’ve done a some research it looks like it could a proxy issue from your network. There seem to be some workarounds to this problem, I’ll try and implement that and will update the package.
Will keep you posted!

ThankYou! @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi