When Tag element in multi view => Time run Script very slow

Hi Everybody!!!

I use node Tag.ByElement to place tag for Structural Framing in view.

when I choose 1 view => run script very fast
but when I choose 2 view => time run script very slow (I did change Lacing of Node)
Any menthod to run script increase speed?

Best regard

check tag multi view.dyn (811.6 KB)

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I have this problem to, wanted to try take advantage of the tag all in view node but nothing like it currently. By the way how do you see the graph execution time?

Get download packed Tune Up ( run for Dynamo 2.6 above)

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Its interesting, one view is very fast. I might experiment with splitting the views into different tagging nodes to execute if there are multiple views. Maybe with some transaction nodes :thinking:

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