What is wrong on my dynamo to change the workset

I tried to filter Ducting in correct work set. But its not changing… Can anyone suggest me the correct method to change the worksets?

It helps to show the error message but the node belowe is beeing fed some null values

Hi @ramachandmuscat ,

I dont"t know for sure but sometimes the pipe/ductline is an element too. Or maybe you have selected a system ?

Please check element 905-907 to see which element gives a null.

You can use the list.clean node to clear the null values

Still, it shows the same. could not understand what is wrong… can you please suggest.

What is the object type at index 2524?
Is it in a group?
A design option?
A closed workset?
Otherwise uneditable?

Can you manually select the object (select by ID command in Revit) and change it’s workset? If not what is the error there?

no group… no design option… worksets are open to edit, file is editable mode only… I can change workset manually. its changing while do it manually.
dynamo scripting not functioning properly. i am still not clear where I have to correct.

Can you post a screenshot of Revit (including the properties pallet) with the element at index 2524 selected so that we can see what it is?

Notice that workset is a read only parameter in your properties pallet. Something on the Revit side is preventing this from being edited, and you’ll need to clear that up to make the change.

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may be BIM360? or since its Insulation? Only insulation left on another work set…!

Usually it’s a group or design option issue. We can’t tell what the source is due to how you took the screenshot though, as the Dynamo UI is masking the Revit UI. One option is to open the model detached, delete everything else but that object, purge unused, and post the model (here or on another platform) for review.

@ramachandmuscat , you feed a string in the list.clean.

It’s need a true/false.

Why are you try to change the workset of the lines and the insulation?
The insulation and the lines are connect on the pipe, so when you change the workset of the pipe the lines and the insulation are changing too.

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thank you for your suggestions

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