Model Group's Workset in Revit fails to update


The purpose of this script is to assign certain model groups’ workset. The strange thing that’s happening at the moment is that Dynamo displays the model groups as they have been assigned to the correct “Fitout ID” workset while in the Revit model, the workset still remains as the previous “Apartment Fitout”.

Any help would be much appreciated

Model Group by Workset.dyn (8.2 KB)

You’re working with types not instances… and for some reason group types have a workset. This baffles me, and is a Revit thing not a Dynamo thing. Notice that if you select a group in the project browser it has a workset parameter value. You can’t change this with normal Revit as the value is grayed out. It’s just there to look pretty and confuse people. With Dynamo you CAN change it. No idea why - it’s a head scratcher.

Anyway, to solve this problem, what you need to do is add a node or function to select the group instances of the given type. Fortunately there is a handy node in clockwork for this - GroupType.Groups. Add that in between your List.FilterByBoolMask and your Element.SetParameterValueByName node and you should get what you’re after. Give it a shot and let us know if you’re still stuck.

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Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the detailed explanation, that solved the problem.
Definitely a good starting point to understand Revit