What is this error?

When I start the Generative Design Study, I get a red error mark like this. What does this mean for an error?
Since “3 Box Massing” are working normally, there is no problem with Generative Design (v22.0.23) itself.
Maybe the graph I’m making is bad …
スクリーンショット 2021-04-15 102350

I send refienery-server-log.
There is an error item in this log, but I don’t know.
→ ERROR RDC Connection Error at Port: ○○○○
→ Connection ResetError: [WinError 10054]
Even the person in charge of the system in my company doesn’t know, so I’m sorry.
Why is this error happening?
refinery-server-log-210420.txt (10.7 KB)

Hello, everyone.

I am in trouble with a similar error.
It worked as expected on Revit2021, but I get an error on Revit2022.
In my case, “!” Is not displayed and it is still running, but like the refinery-server-log.txt log uploaded by oh_ruki, “ConnectionRestError: [WinError 10054]” is output and it is stopped.
At this time, if I restart the GD app, and then manually stop and then restart the study that is still running in the GD UI, it will work for a while, but the situation will be the same again.
Does anyone have any information?

My environment is below.
Dynamo Revit:
Dynamo Core:
Generative Design: