Select nodes error in refinery

Anyone know how to solve this error?


It’s the script from here:

I’m running R19 and using refinery with dynamo 2.0.3.

It tells you just below. You either need to make the selections through Dynamo and re-export the study with those new selections saved or run the study through Revit where it may let you make those selections.

I did (more than once).

Also I don’t have a choice running it through Revit as I’m on R19 still… I wish our IT guys would hurry up and upgrade us!

Strangely it seems to run ok though :\

Have you used a Remember node to cache the data?


Can you show a screenshot of your graph then?

FYI @Lilli_Smith

@Alien as far as I know, you cannot use the select in Revit buttons with Generative Design For Dynamo For Revit. It is only available in Generative Design for Revit. To change your selection you will have to go back to Dynamo for Revit, update the selection(s), and export to Generative Design for Dynamo for Revit again.

Note that if you don’t do a save as in there this also fails.

Not the best interface, but it’s the best that could be done with the older versions. An upgrade is likely the solution but if your IT doesn’t want you guys to gain efficiency with the new updates then you likely need to make a business case for faster roll outs.

Do you mean use different nodes that don’t require me to click in Revit to select?

Also, they’re upgrading soon they’re just waiting for the first patch they said so I have to be patent. :expressionless:

Why though? Point releases now make API and product updates (I believe both of those have been true since 2018), so there is no more likelihood of you ‘starting on a bad path’ at 20xx.0.0 as there is at the 20xx.1.0… sometimes old habits die hard I guess.

No, I mean you need to save as a new dyn and export the graph again for each revised selection. Those buttons will not help you until you’re in the Generative Design for Revit add-in which requires 2021 (or for your case 2022.1). Watch for the product update closely and hound your IT to roll that you quickly.

I irritate them enough without questioning their wisdom:

I do hound them… "Can I have it now please, how about now? is it ready yet… " :smiley:

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