Generative Design Revit Dynamo Load Error

Has anyone else received this error in Revit 2021 Launching Dynamo to work with the New Generative Design Feature? Dynamo.Exceptions.LibraryLoadFailedException: Failed to load Library: C:ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2021\Dynamo\2.5\packages\GeneratvieDesignRevit

Working on a VM

This is a known bug related to a certificate. Dev team is actively looking into a fix and will hopefully have something soon.

FYI @Lilli_Smith @Zach_Kron

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I did get it to launch in dynamo as the VM is a test deployment system and we put the package in a different folder than. It still throws the certificate errors but runs

as I replay from my work account not my personal lol

Fix is posted now



Hello together,

the fixed certificate expired so the issue occurs again:

Could you help me and update it again?

best regards,

Hi @mathias.worm,

Updating your Revit installation to Revit 2021.1 should fix this error. That will update the version of Dynamo for Revit to 2.6, which includes the updated certificates you need.


Hi @nate.peters,

the update fixed the issue. Thank you!

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