What am I missing?

Hey Guys,

Have not posted in a while so try to be nice.
Trying to create a graph to look at all revision clouds on sheets and halftoning all but the most recent.
The sounds like such a simple issue that I’m thinking a filter would work.
But I do not know if my boss wants us to use a filter.
So let us assume that I have to do it programmatically with Dynamo.
I have a good graph set up and I can use the element.overrideInView Node to do my work on the active view.

After some decent research I have discovered someone using a clockwork node and modifying it to their liking. So I decided to do the same. I thought it would be easy enough to take the override element transparency node and go in and change it to halftone instead of Transparency. So I am calling the SetHalftone Method. but dynamo says I need 2 arguements.

What am I doing wrong?
Where could I have known how many arguements I needed and their formats via the API Website?


Why not use the override node?
And just wire graphic override setting node (this node has a half-tone) into override?
Like this :point_down:.

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You could use the geniusloci package:

@bvs1982 beat me to it :slight_smile:


Yes Geniusloci. This is what setting I use.


Appreciate the support… did not know about geniusloci package… aptly named.

Will try tomorrow when I get in. and mark as solution once everything goes as planned

Also still would not mind a answer to my question about the script… Always trying to learn more. Pretty familiar with API site, and python.

Gals and Gents,

Unfortunately the geniusloci package node is not performing the way I had hoped. See Below 3 Screen Shots… Will Keep Attempting to figure out whats wrong… just don’t even know where to go…

You should try the nodes i suggested in this post:

This works fine for me, could you show me what isnt working when you use these nodes?

Hi Nicholas,

You can’t mix Dynamo OverrideGraphicSettings with custom nodes (nodes of packages).
The custom nodes use the API OverrideGraphicSettings.

Here is a working example to override revision cloud colors in multiple views:

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