Warning: Data.ExportExcel operation failed

New work PC, wondered why a script (that i use regularly) was completing without opening the excel file at the end.

Seems the Data.ExportExcel node is giving a rather helpfully vague error message.
Same message seen here using the sample “Export Data to Excel” script.

The machine is a brand new item, fresh install of current windows 10 and office365 (both x64)
all works fine on other machines in the office.

(my script uses a combination of bumblebee write to excel nodes and the ExportExcel nodes - as I like the fact the ExportExcel opens the file for me afterwards)

Not sure, but your Startcol/row…is feeding a double and not integer, just a thought, without i really can see whats goin on, try to upload your dataset as well then easier to give a help :wink:

This script is just the sample script that comes with Dynamo.
just a screen shot of the final section with the error on the node.

Script is available to all via the samples section of the dynamo home screen

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hehehe…then is @JacobSmall we should call… :heart_eyes:

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Having read:

Which mentions this error cropping up if there is a version incompatibility between a 32bit and 64bit installation… (tho i know that it was the 64bit office was installed)

Currently I’m trying - restore PC to before Office was installed, and reinstalling Office.
(Having already tried uninstalling and reinstalling office (which didn’t seem to actually uninstall office as I was still able to open excel documents once office was uninstalled)

which office version is it ?

has fixed the issue.

@lordsummerisle …Nice to hear :grinning:

Hi, any idea about why this is happening and another solution?
IT department said that they are not going to restore to a previous point all Revit Technician computers (more than 15) and uninstall and install back MS Office.

It is quite annoying this.