Data.ImportExcel operation failed

My firm uses a Citrix virtual environment to connect to projects around the globe. We are running multiple versions of Revit, MS Office 2016, among many other applications in a Windows 10 environment. We have run across an issue trying to use Excel nodes in Dynamo. I have a very simple script utilizing the Data.ImportExcel node but I receive the ‘Warning: Data.ImportExcel operation failed.’. Nodes for writing to Excel don’t work as well. My only hunch is that the node is trying to make a connection to Excel but doesn’t see it for some reason. We tried looking at the registry keys and they appear to be correct. Any ideas on what to try next? Thanks.


Have you seen these topics ?

What is the actual version of excel (Including 32 or 64 bit)?

If all else fails, you can give the ExcelReader package a go. It uses an external library to directly read excel’s binary XML format.

32 bit. But my local install is 32 bit and works there as well. I’m having our IT look at some missing key info (instead of extra keys as many of the posts refer to) to see if that resolves the problem.

I did try ExcelFile.Read and that does work. I’m glad you explained that, I was thinking it was something along those lines. But I didn’t see an ExcelFile.Write node to use. Thanks.

No Excel.Write and that’s kind of on purpose :slight_smile:
My reasoning is that it’s closed binary formats like xls that got us into this mess in the first place, so we should try to do everything possible we can to avoid them.

So I’d recommend you try wriing your data in csv files instead and if that doesn’t work out, have a look at the great EPPlus library that I used for the node:


Understood. I actually use EPPlus in some of my own addins. Thanks.

We’ve taken a look at editing and removing the registry keys and still not working.

@Michael_Coffey this feels like a Citrix issue. No idea how I could test it myself. Can you confirm all programs are installed on the same system (not Revit/Dynamo off Citrix and Excel off your C drive)?

@JacobSmall Excel is definitely installed in the citrix environment as I can see the Registry keys there. You can also log into the Citrix environment from your iPad and see all the same programs as well. My only thought now is to try to use the EPPlus library to create my own Excel.Write node.

Did you solve the problem? Please share if it has been solved.


I’ve had the same Issue that you all, and I did the same solution. Import CSV.
The problem is when you want to export…

Sama eissue, Warning: “Data.ImportExcel operation failed”. Tried saving prev versions of excel file, renaming, new file locations, shutdown & restart…

This was working not 24 hours ago. Why?!?!?!

Since that time, I had installed NWC Exporter for Revit 2022 and Navisworks Manage 2022; those are the only changes to my machine since this stopped working.