Data.exportexcel operation failed after working fine

After running into the same “Data.ExcelExport operation failed” warning last week, I updated my excel version to a 64bit and I was able to export fine. I’m running into the same error now even with matching 64 bit versions and I’m not sure what changed. I’m using the same files that exported fine last week. I’m using Revit 2020.2.5. What could have changed and how should I resolve?




Try to close Excel in background or restart your PC. The second error is because of BIMTrack. It was loaded wrong assembly, as far as I can read it.

in my case I updated or upgraded Microsoft Office to 365 English language and it was not the issue, although the installation of a python library solved the issue. please install python. 2.7.18 the version x84, which is using Dynamo to work, or at least that is what I read in the About Tab.