AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints Failed

Hi All,

It’s my first time using Dynamo, coming from a c# background and trying to complete an adaptive railing.

Have managed to get it all through to the end, but it fails on "AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints"
Warning: AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints operation failed.
The arguments have issues

Can anyone give some guidance as to where I have gone wrong? I have attached the dynamo file and the project with the adaptive component.

Many thanks,


Hi Brent

I have not delved into it in detail- but it looks like your adaptive family has 2 points (start & end)
This means you need to structure your list so that there are sublists containing the 2 points.

I’m assuming that the end of one family would be the start of the next- i.e the second point in one sublist would be the first in the next sublist.
Have a look on the forum for posts on this & reply back if you get stuck.

I’d suggest manually generating some lists of points in the above structure first, to check that your family is working as expected.



Andrew is right.
You create a list with sublist like that:

if you only have 2 points

Hi @BrentBurgess1980

This is a way to set up the work flow:

GuardRail.dyn (28.0 KB)