Adaptive Component by Points: The arguments have issues

I’ve been trying for a few hours now to solve this issue, but I have been unable to address the issue given by the system; the problem seemed remarkably similar to the one faced in another topic:

The trouble was that I already had the sublists within the list and, by the looks of it, had the proper 2D points that I needed to use the node, but to no avail:

As such, I went and simplified it to the smallest possible manner and made it such that the programme only needed to create a single beam, along with using the flatten and chop method that was mentioned in the topic, though to no change occurring in the list: (I am a new user, I apologise)

Finally, I threw up my hands and tried to attach it to an edge within the model itself, believing that it might have been because the points within Dynamo had no reference point, even though I was able to insert the general geometry of the facade into the model with no problem:

Does anyone have any idea where I could have gone wrong? I was following this series of videos on creating the facade and the issue now is at the end of their second video:

As it can be seen, they had no such issue.

I am currently on Dynamo

This came about when I was attempting to mimic the video series’ instructions; I noticed that the way the points were collected with the curves is slightly different, with the realisation now that we are using slightly different versions of Dynamo, but they should in the same 2D manner nonetheless.