Want to place the element along the curve


I want to place the footings on the points with rotation as perpendicular to curve made my the points imported.

Below I have created the dynamo script

This is placing the elements as below

I want like below

Kindly help.

Suresh C

Hi @Suresh_Chotrani

Your missing Other Vector Input at “Vector.AngleAboutAxis”. Below is an example.


Below I have included the vector but it doesn’t work.

Attached is the file
Footingalong the pointcurve.dyn (1.7 MB)

Thanks for helping
Suresh C

I am getting below error while adding “Select Model Element” & CurveElement.Curve

Actually, I am importing the points from Excel, and have created the curve by ploycurve and then I want to place the element on the points perpendicular to the points.

Try this Footingalong the pointcurve(Kulkul).dyn (16.3 KB)

Note: This is an untested script due to unavailability of excel and family type.

I checked the file you edited I am getting below error, don’t no why. I haven’t seen this type of error.

Select the type of the family which your looking to place.

I have msg you the excel.

When you say select the family, I have already given the name of the family there is no option for selecting.

Also, the file you edit is no able to create the curve. Something seems to be wrong can you please check at your end are you able to see the curve & points with the dynamo file you have forwarded me and are you able to place the footings along the curve(perpendicular to the curve)

When I insert the options you have placed in the file, I get below error

You’re using the wrong vector nodes. Vector.X and Vector.Z get the X and Z coordinates of an input vector. You need to use the X and Z Axis nodes.

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Hi all. I have been following the post and playing with Dynamo, since I am quite new to this.

What am I doing wrong if I want to populate the points with three different types?

Thank you.

Right-click your FamilyInstance.ByPoint node and change Lacing to Longest.

Sorry, I meant change lacing to Cross Product.

It seems I wasn’t clear enough . I wanted to repeat item0, item1, item2, item0, item1, item2, and so on along the path.

Setting the lacing to longest, the last item would repeat until filled the path, as happened on the previous image I posted. If I set it as cross product then each point will have all instances on it.

In this case I solved using List.Cycle

Thanks for your help anyway.

Ahh. Yup, that’s the way to do it.