Curve Point At Parameter (another aspect)

Hi folks,
I’m new here to Dynamo, since I realize how powerful it is, I’ve tried using it in every works. But now i’m still struggling to do the Curve.Point.At.Parameter. The thing is how to place the points along a curve with distance at a specific orientation like the picture.
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Hi @truongbaolam0209

How about using Curve.PointAtSegmentLength?

If you want to make sure there’s a specific distance based on a plane and not the curve i would use intersection.

Intersect at a Specific distance.dyn (16.3 KB)


this is exactly what i need, you are legend <3

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thank you, btw it is not what i’m looking for

Did you figure out the difference between curve.pointAtParameter vs curve.PointAtEqualSegmentLength?
I thought that you could achieve similar results. but I cant get that to work on an ellipse

Hello :wave:
I saw your script about this post, I just wonder to know how can I put a kind of family which i designed for curb in parking and this curb was modeled in a metric generic face based family and we want to put it instead of points on our line could your describe a bit more about this process and which nod after curve pointat segment length can i use ?

Hi @mehrdad610,

I can see you’ve started a thread already on this topic. Please link to other posts of interest rather then asking a similar question in multiple threads.

Sorry, but I don’t think this is the optimal approach to explore, if you are placing af face based family. Is there a reason why you’re not using a linebased family for curbs? I’ve seen many people use Structural Framing for instance, since you have the ability to pick an edge as host in 3D. In my opinion, it would be easier to create with Dynamo as well.