Place Family Perpendicular to Curve/Surface

Hey, Everyone, I have been digging through old topics for a while now and am still having a few issues dealing with rotating families to be perpendicular to a surface or curve.

Here is what I have so far.

##Yields this

For some, it is working, but it is a hit or miss.

Also here is my Dynamo file. (MY Revit file is simply a blank file created from the Arch template)
perpendicularFamilyPlacement.dyn (108.4 KB)

Thanks for the help!

Hi John,

I’ve struggled with this in the past, this is what I came up with back then:


Thanks! Let me check it out for my use case.

Hello John, seems like we all struggled when doing this haha

This is my approach :


Right? When I started working on it, I was like “Shouldn’t be too bad”. Hours later I’m like “:unamused:


Hi @john_pierson

Here is another possible way…
Now you got so many solutions to use :smile:


Thanks everyone! Will try these shortly Got something else right now. :slight_smile:

hi all
I have tried your resources, I find this to be very good, but one thing is that I want to control the distance between families or the number of them, what do I do here?

thanks youArray curve.dyn (43.5 KB)

@khuvv.hp, can you go ahead and open a new topic with any screenshots that may help answer your question.

I created a new topic but no one helped me,
Can you hlep me?