Wall Tag Orientation Problem

Hi everyone,

I am trying place tag with Dynamo. I do not have a problem for Horizantal or Vertical Wall elements. But I have a problem not horizantal or vertical walls. How to rotate or align tag to this elements.
Do you have any idea ? I am sharing screenshot.


As far I know is tag rotation only possible with the parameter Orientation.
When you try to rotate this element with Revit it’s not possible too.

Hi @jw.vanasselt , I think I saw Angle parameters in Tag element. Maybe we should use this parameter value , right ?
Ex. We can angle value X Vector and Wall Direcetion Vector ? How is this idea ?

Hi Guys,
You can try this to find the angle of the walls

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Where did you see that parameter?

@jw.vanasselt As you change the angle, the tag angle also changes.

Learned something again thanks :slight_smile:

Which revit version do you use?

I use the architect sample template and don’t see this parameter.

@jw.vanasselt , I am using Revit 2022. I clicked the tag element. And I am seeing Angle Parameter and its value.

@volkan.isik , I understand your share. Which package did you use at above script ? ex WallCompoundStructureLayersLocation ?
Thank you so much.

@DynaGirlBIM You can also use Element.GetLocation

@jw.vanasselt I am using Revit 2022,

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WallCompoundStructureLayersLocation and Create Tag nodes are from the Genius Loci package.

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Thank you so much everyone -. Problem solved now :wink: @Alban_de_Chasteigner @volkan.isik @jw.vanasselt

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